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Live life

Cause' in the end it's not the years in the life but the life in the years.

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January 2nd, 2007



Soo tomorrow we leave to go to san juan.. peurto rico..still not sure if I'm spelling that right:P.. my aunt phoned tonight and was asking if we left for Portugal tomorrow:P hah Bright and early tomorrow and then Ill be back home on Friday.. probably either like really really early  AHH or like 9 or so.. nott quite sure yet.. Its going to be sooo cold at home!  Brrrrrrr   Yay so now im just playing around with colors!  
                           So I guess im off!  Cya for now!

January 1st, 2007

(no subject)


allo.  Today is new years day!! Happy new year everyone!  Last night we all went to noellas friends house.. it was quite fun!! it was like all grown ups and then me kyle and bryce then the kids haha like 10 and younger:P  but it was fun they had a magaican it was amzing! I dont no how he did it CrAZaaY haha yahh then today I slept in the longest I ever had since i was here.. 9:41 :P haha Dont sleep to late here everydsay I get up at like..7:40 or soo:P..And bryce left again last night( yes I meant to say again.. his flight wa cancled the first time he left)  We leave in 2 days AHH well not tomorrow but the next moring we have to be at the airport at like atleast 6 then me kyle mom and noella all fly over to peurto rico but all different flights excpet me n my mom.. then mom noella and i stay in peutro rico for the night and then were going SHOPPING hitting alll the boxing day sales.. allrightt! haha  
 Today we went to the beach it was veryy very nice..we built a sand castle! yay hah tomorrow ill go to the beach and ill be packing up:( sad to go but will be goood to see everyone again! yay:):) anyways talk to yous all sooooon

December 26th, 2006

Beach Day!


Todayy was a very good day(boxing day)  We went to the beach at 12:30 and it was a reallllllly nice beach and quite a hot day today!  I'd say at  least 28 degrees..it was very hot and the water was soo nice.. except I think there were some baracodas AHH! But it was a reallyy goood day.. and yesterday was christmas and after dinner kyle bryce and I all did  the dishes. it was actually quite funnny.. actually halirious.. Kyle and Bryce were being sooo random! haha it was reallllllly funny! any wyas thats all for now!!

December 23rd, 2006


Kyle came yesterday!!  He called and we thought he was callng from Switzerland! thne he walked through the dooor! AH it was crazy!!SOo exciting!  Anyways not much other then that goingon.. maybe/hopfully beach tonight.. or kats;). haha jk  anywayss thats all for now!

December 21st, 2006


OUR LUGGAGE made it tonight!       They werent sure when they would come but they did!! YAY  I have my clothes now!
Well I'm just watching You Me and Dupree.. my aunt and uncle have SOO many movies I could barley choose.. maybe after this one ill watch John Tucker.. ahah anywayss!

Cindy-Lou out! ( what my aunts calls me .. love it)

Made it!


Hey, so we made it to Tortola.  Drove to Halifax on tuesday and flew out wenseday.  Halifax to Boston Boston to San Juan and San Juan to Tortola.  Excepttttttt......NO LUGGAGE.. ahh no bathing suits not shorts.. just p.js thanks to emily mac( allright  (L)(L)) and Noella gave me a skirt today.. but same shirt for like 3 days.. really gross aha and I just want my bathing  suit!:(:(.. we've been calling the airportt and every time we call they say we'll there another floight in about 15 mintues soo call back in a half an hour. hopefully we'll get it toinght..  It's soo hott here and the water is sooo pretty I just wanna go jump in.   I don't really know what to do in this thing but ill just right in it.. nothnig fancy and i dont no how to change my picture of anything so dont mind it... So ill try to keep this updated soo.. if you wanna know whats going on.. haha  you can check this!

                                    Anyways.. Sunward I go!                            :S:S haha

August 1st, 2006

oh man

I Forget how to do anything.. Someone helpppp   haha

Long time no talk.

Heyyy I deleted lots of the entrys out of this I'm not really sure why..but I did..Anyways I decided to right something in it. Last night and today was SAWEET..me Emily,Susie,Lyd,Celine,Allie and Emma slept over at Allies in her tent and it was pretttty sweet then today we all played out side went to maids then went to the drving range and had lots of fun in the sprinklers! haha It was soo much fun. but then we got a call     Our game was cancelled.. and WE ARE NOT PLAYING IN THE MONTAGUE TOUNRY!  I was so rattled..anyways I just found out how to do different colors and stuff on this so Im going to playy around with it,  Anyways just thought I would right in this for old time sake:)
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